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Your coffee subscription will be processed and shipped the Monday following your order starting date. For example, if you place your order on Tuesday, November 19th, your order will be shipped the following Monday, November 25th. Going forward, your coffee subscription order will be processed and shipped on the Monday following your subscription payment date. 

Always freshly roasted! Our goal is to give you the best coffee experience. We work closely with our roaster to pick up freshly roasted coffee every week, and process your order on a days time frame. 

Single origin beans are invariably specialty coffee and picked by hand, usually in small farms in far flung equatorial countries. Single malt, single vineyard, single origin. The terms are used to signal – or at least market – higher quality. For example, whether the vineyard is planted with one or multiple varieties, the promise of a single vineyard wine is that the unique character of that location and that vintage will shine through in your glass. For the coffee industry, the equivalent expression is “single origin.” More often than not single origin represents the pinnacle of quality and character in coffee.