1/2 lb. Jamaican Blue Mountain Monthly Subscription -Local Pick Up or Delivery

$30.00 / month and a $5.00 sign-up fee

Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee


This unique Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee, locally roasted in Michigan, is one of the most wonderful and expensive coffees of the world.

Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee is known for having a pleasing balance of body and flavor. Wonderfully aromatic, balanced, with rich hints of chocolate, and a sublime sweet lingering finish. Single origin, made with 100% arabica beans. Highly demanded, this coffee is a true treat for the authentic coffee lover! Many customers describe it as a “beautiful” coffee. A perfect and unique coffee lover treat.

Always freshly roasted, our private label SayCafé gourmet coffee is ground and hand packed to order. Choose whole beans, drip grind, french press, or espresso grind.  Select 1/4lb. (4oz) for 12 to 16 cups of coffee, or 1/2lb. (8oz) for 24 to 32 cups of coffee, depending on the water to coffee ratio and the brewing method.

Weight8 oz
Dimensions8 × 4 × 2 in
Whole Beans or Ground

Whole Beans, Drip Grind, French Press, Espresso